AR888ULS Soyal QR Code Reader


Power consumption: <1W

Frequency: Dual Band 125kHz & 13.56Mhz

Working temperature: -20°C ~ +65 °C

Voltage: 120DCV / <1W

Response Time: < 1 sec

Output Format: WG26/34// QR Code

Scanning Distance: 50 - 200 mm

Dimension : 88 mm (H) x 86mm (W) x 9mm (D) /34mm (D)

Housing Material: ABS

AR888ULS QR code reader can support quick access in less than 1 seconds verification. It can be easily mounted on the pedestrian gate to control visitor pass. Ideal usage for gym centre, theme park, cinema entrance, office building, service residences, condominium, school, etc.


  • Door access control
  • Turnstile access control
  • Lift access control
  • Visitor management

Special feature:

  • Quick and accurate
    Each verification of credentials takes around 1 second to minimize queues. Able to read QR code from any surface either paper or mobile phone.
  • Slim and stylish design
    Designed with edge LED lighting to enhance the appearance of any contemporary offices and premises. It is also equipped with a buzzer.
  • Flexible compatibility
    It can be easily integrated with any 3rd party visitor management software to manage the visitor pass and event reporting. It comes with 3-in-1 usage (proximity, mifare and QR) to cater to different requirements.
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