Integrated Access Security Software

Common Problem

Software is too complicated

The interface is too cluthered with unecessary features. It makes the software difficult to use. It will take longer time and it requires people with high IT knowledge to master the software.

Hassle to monitor multiple location

It is frustrating liasing with PIC in each branch to register new staff or collect reports. Delayed report will decrease your effectiveness in managing the branch.

No visual evidence to support incident

You don’t know what actually happened by just looking at the text event log. You cannot prove your case without a picture/video.

Slow response time to an immediate threat

Your guard will take a longer time to locate the event indicated by the text alarm log. Guard might not have sufficient literacy to comprehend the log record to react promptly.


Practical and easy to manage

MagEtegra software has clean and simple GUI for easy use. It is optimized to offer practical functions instead of crowded by unnecessary advanced features. Therefore our software is faster to learn, simple to use, and easier for technical support with minimum IT knowledge.

Manage your branch more efficiently

MagEtegra Pro Advance version comes with multi-sites and multi-branch function that allow you or other administrators from anywhere in the network to manage hardware setting, monitoring, and reporting of multiple remote sites (branches) in any location. You can assign login with limited function access to your staff. You can feel the assurance of being in control.

See it to know it

MagEtegra integrated with MAG CCTV captures the picture corresponding to each card flashing event as proof of access. In/ out monitoring compare entry and exit pictures side by side at real-time from selected doors. The door commander with integrated CCTV function allows live view video on selected doors.

Catch the thief faster and safer

E-map allows more effective visual monitoring and alarm handling where it able to pinpoint accurate exact location visually on the map allowing a guard to immediately rush to affected site. Mic and speaker integrated into MAG CCTV help you ensure it is safe before you send in your guard. Sleep well at night knowing that your building is well protected.

All your security simplified into ONE software.

MagEtegra ME-ACS is an advanced client/server access control software that is designed exclusively for Soyal’s card and fingerprint access system. It extends SOYAL functionality to the next level with integrated CCTV surveillance and time attendance functions into a single platform to achieve centralized management. ME-ACS is simple enough for small office security needs yet powerful enough to manage multiple buildings.

How it works?

Our MagEtegra software is built with simplicity in mind to allow non-IT savvy people to operate easily with just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Connect your hardware with MagEtegra.
You can add new hardware, read/write hardware parameter, and define remote/local site communication via Hardware Manager.

Step 2: Enroll user profile and assign permission.
You can specify Who (card number) can access Where (door group) at What Time (time zone) using What Method (card and/or pin, fingerprint). Multiple cards with different access permission can be assigned to each user profile. Once assigned, the user profile can be download into the reader.

Step 3: Monitor the events.
You can monitor each activity in a single glance for the current day or search for past records for a specific period of time. The event log can be further expanded to monitor alarm events, area control, time attendance, CCTV picture capture, and E-Map.

Step 4: Generate the reports.
You can choose to export different types of reports according to your needs. For example, you can export the individual or personal attendance report for each day to calculate the staff payroll.

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