Door Access System


What Is A Door Access System ?

Door Access System is a door that integrated with access control system that allows or restricts people access to a building, a room or another designated area. It is an electronically powered form of physical security that manages who has access to a location at a particular time. 


Security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes and also for residential areas. With a high quality of door access control system, you can allow or deny anyone's access in your premises or controlled areas. 

Why Choose Our Door Access System ?


A Door Access For Every Purpose

What makes our door access system so appealing is that they are ideal for almost every facilities and premises with security requirement. Our door access system are used at a wide variety of premises, including:

  • Offices

  • House Doors

  • Schools

  • Airports

  • Factories

  • Hotels



The Door Access Systems can be programmed to grant different levels of access to different user groups. Certain individual can be given full access to all areas while some restricted purely to the front door and the area of the building they work in. This can help reduce accidents in potentially dangerous areas, reduce the risk of theft and sabotage.

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Restrict Access to Every Area

Our Door Access Control Systems help restrict entry to areas of a business premises or houses containing hazardous waste, expensive equipment and sensitive information. These restrictions help reduce theft, damage and more.


Quick, Easy and Safe Access

Our Door Access System can be built with a variety of Access Control Systems to make it easier to control which people to enter and exit your premises. These include:

  • RFID Reader 

  • Facial Recognition

  • Biometric 


Facial recognition


Biometric Recognition


Wanted To Install Door Access System?

We understand that the structure of every premises are different including the door entrance, and that you will have very particular requirements when it comes to securing your property.

Take the next step to a safer tomorrow.

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