Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System


What Is Biometric Fingerprint Recognition ?

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System is the automated method of identifying or verifying an individual's identification based on the similarity of two fingerprints is known as fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most well-known biometrics and the most widely used biometric solution for computerized device authentication.

Fingerprint sensors are widespread in smartphones and other wearables, as well as in smart industry and smart home applications for entry identification and data security. The two most common fingerprint sensors in use today are optical sensors and capacitive sensors.

Types of Fingerprint Scanner

Optical Fingerprint Sensor

An optical scanner takes a digital snapshot of the fingerprint by reflecting a bright light over it. The digital image is created by a light-sensitive microchip that examines the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint, converts them to binary 1s and 0s, and generates the user's own personal code. 

Image by George Prentzas

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Capacitive fingerprint scanners are more popular in today's world and can be used on smartphones. It tests the finger by using human conductivity, generating an electrostatic field, and creating a digital image dependent on the electrostatic field, similar to a capacitive touchscreen. It tracks a fingerprint's detail using tiny capacitor array circuits.

Image by Lukenn Sabellano